Interop Summit 2017 at Googand BMVA technical meeting: Analysis and Processing of RGBD Data

Earlier this year I attended the Interop Summit and BMVA technical meeting: Analysis and Processing of RGBD Data.

Interop was hosted by DeepMind Health at Google’s London HQ. The discussions and lectures were attended by clinicians and technical experts and revolved around interoperability beween different healthcare solutions; data governance, where the patient is in charge of their data; and using AI to develop new intelligent healthcare solutions. This is one of the main aims of DeepMind’s Streams app, using big data and AI to improve health, enhance care and reduce costs (NHS Five Year Forward View). However there are hurdles to overcome before AI can be truly realised within healthcare providers.

Dr Andrew Gilbert hosted a BMVA conference on ‘Analysis and Proccessing of RGBD Data’. It was interesting to see how other researchers had tackled pose estimation. I certainly enjoyed seeing demonstrations of algorithms that combined discriminative and generative models to estimate joint positions. There was one demonstration of the structure depth sensor performing SLAM in real-time (30 FPS+) on an iPad.

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